Website Tools

The Website Tools are a collection of tools for the technical optimization of websites.

They are suitable for improving the user experience and for technical search engine optimization.

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Currently, you can use the Link Checker and Sitemap Generator via the platform.

The development of further tools to monitor the technical aspects of websites and to support with the elimination of technical weaknesses is planned.

The Link Checker crawls your website and checks if there are any broken internal or external links. In the professional version it also checks if all embedded images are reachable.

More information about the Link Checker

Sitemap Generator

The Sitemap Generator allows you to generate a XML sitemap, including images and videos in the professional version, of your website to get your site faster indexed by search engines.

More information about the Sitemap Generator


The registration for the Website Tools is free and allows you to use the basic functions for websites with up to 500 URLs.

For websites with more than 500 URLs and for the use of the advanced features, you can subscribe to the Pro plan.


Then register now and simply try the Website Tools or send me an email with your questions.