Update Monitoring App

To protect your Joomla or WordPress website against malicious hacker attacks, you must install all security-relevant updates as soon as possible after publication.

With the Update Monitoring App for your browser or smartphone you keep track of all updates for your CMS as well as the installed extensions and never miss an important update again.

What can the app do?

The app is currently an information-only application that regularly collects the update information from all websites that have been added and then informs you about the updates available.

The app can also fetch the update information when it's not open and, if you wish, you can receive push notifications when a new update is available for your website.

What can I expect in the future?

In the future it is planned that the connected websites can be updated directly from within the app. This in combination with a backup app and a website diff app to directly recognize changes caused by the installed updates.

Support for other content management systems and server operating systems, such as Debian, is also planned.

How does the app work?

The app is implemented as a Progressive Web App (PWA). The term Progressive Web App stands for the use of modern web standards to extend normal websites with native app functions.

A Progressive Web App can be set up on modern smartphones and modern browsers without the need for a time-consuming installation and behaves almost identically to a native smartphone app or browser extension.

The app installs locally on your devices and doesn't require a connection to my servers. All update data is stored locally on your device and not on my servers. Only when using the online backup function, the app configuration will be stored encrypted on my servers.

The app communicates directly with the configured websites to retrieve the update information from the websites. Therefore it is necessary to install a Joomla extension or a WordPress plugin for the website.

Which devices are supported?

The Update Monitoring App uses relatively new web standards and therefore requires a modern browser or smartphone.

A list of supported browsers and devices will be added here after the app is released.

How much does the app cost?

To use the Update Monitoring App you have to buy a token for 45 Euro. The token is valid for one year and is required for the following tasks:

You can continue to use the installed apps without restrictions after the token has expired (also for new websites) and the configuration can be saved locally if required. Updates for the Joomla extension and the WordPress plugin are also available without a valid token.

A token is limited to one person and allows:

Offer for agencies

Agencies can purchase a token with a validity of one year for 450 euros. This token allows several people to use the app.

With the online backup function, the configuration can be shared so that several employees can monitor the updates of the customer websites simultaneously.


Then express your interest without obligation by clicking on the button below, register for the newsletter or send me a short email to email@marcobeierer.com.

The more interested people show interest, the faster the app will be published.


The app sounds interesting.

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