Joomla Image Grid Module

The Image Grid module for Joomla implements an easy to use image grid. Just select the folder, where the images are stored, the number of columns and the number of rows and your image grid is generated on the selected module position. The images for the grid are selected randomly from the selected folder.

The Image Grid module is compatible with all templates with Bootstrap 3 support.



The Image Grid module for Joomla 3 costs 35 Euro. You get support and updates for the lifetime of Joomla 3. If Joomla 3 reaches its end-of-life, you have to buy a new version of the module for Joomla 4.

I also offer a thirty-day money back guarantee for the case that you do not like the module .

How to buy the Module?

I haven't implemented an automatic payment process yet. To buy the module, just send me a short email to and I will send you the installation package and an invoice. You can then pay by PayPal. Customers living in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) can also pay by bankwire.



  1. Buy the module.
  2. Install the installation package with the Joomla Extension Manager.
  3. Switch to the module manager, change the parameters of the module (see the explanation below) and activate the module.
    • Use the value thumbnail for the parameter Module Class Suffix in the Advanced tab, if you like the Bootstrap thumbnail look with the frame around the images.
  4. The module should now be shown on the selected module position on your website.

Available Module Parameters

Supported Standard Parameters


The native Joomla update function is not implemented yet, but will be implemented soon.