Joomla HTML5 Audio Plugin

The HTML5 Audio plugin is a very minimalistic plugin and just provides a shortcode for inserting HTML5 audio elements into articles, custom HTML modules or any extension that supports the onContentPrepare event.

The plugin could for example be used as a replacement for 1Pixelout Audio Player or Rapid 1Pixelout as it uses the same shortcode.




  1. Download and install the installation package with the Joomla Extension Manager or search for the plugin in the Joomla Extension Manager.
  2. Switch to the plugin manager, optionally set a base path and activate the plugin.

Plugin Parameters


The HTML5 Audio plugin works in all extensions that support the onContentPrepare event. In the Joomla core this are among others articles and the custom HTML module.


In articles you could simple use the shortcode as follows:

{audio}{/audio} or

{audio}/path/relative/to/root/of/your/site/to/your/audio/file.mp3{/audio} or


Custom HTML Module

For the custom HTML module it works the same as for articles, but you need to activate the option Prepare Content in the module settings.

Custom Extensions

For custom extensions it works also the same as for articles, but the extension has to trigger the onContentPrepare event. This could just be implemented by the developer of an extension.